Garden Care in Boroughbridge

Border between front lawn and drive


D & E have a spacious front garden which is partially visible to the public and is used mostly to create an attractive view from the house. The soil is poor, very sandy at depth and filled with builders rubble and  clay at the surface which was probably from topsoil imported during the house construction.  Much of the garden is very damp and is close to a river. They have a lovely rear garden with high conifer hedges creating almost complete privacy for sitting out and a warm, sheltered micro-climate allowing planting of a range of more tender plants than might otherwise be possible.  D & E love architectural shapes, colour and love Alpines and Rockery plants. I have worked with the existing plants, divide and increasing those  which grow successfully in the existing conditions,moving others to better sites in the garden and remove perennials and shrubs which are not succeeding.  I have reduced plants which have outgrown their allotted space and introduce more colour for each season with colourful foliage and flowers. The addition of compost as a mulch in spring and autumn has helped improve the soil quality and individual plant health care has been a huge priority. I have also encouraged them to experiment with the propagation of  a wider range of plants from seed.


Scented roses, Alchemilla Mollis and hardy geraniums in the front garden

Don and Elaine say – “Yorkshire Gardeners has been looking after our garden for a few years now and has reshaped and invigorated the whole visual effect. Emma has an innovative yet practical approach to landscaping and her in-depth horticultural knowledge and enthusiasm has helped develop really interesting, colourful and rewarding borders and surrounds in our garden. She and her team are friendly, helpful and very good value – we recommend them without reservation – 10/10.”

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