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Law(n) Order

Regular maintenance is best for a healthy, weed free lawn. Lawns that have become waterlogged should have started drying out by now. Do not walk on them until they do. Waterlogging may have led to moss, bare patches and yellowing grass. A spring feed is essential and can be combined with a chemical moss killer. …

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What’s The Buzz?

Watch out for: Slugs and snails on new growth of delphiniums, hostas and others. Rots, rust and black spot – keep a close eye out as these affect a wide range of plants. Aphids, leatherjackets and vine weevils, prevention now can save so much time later. Leatherjackets (the larval stage of daddy-longlegs/crane flies) in particular …

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Dig In

The ground is warming up and drying out after a very wet winter and the Spring jobs are mounting up: Start planting your summer flowering bulbs and plant out forced bulbs from indoor winter displays. Top dress your containers. Get on top of your weeds before they get on top of you!! Plant new and …

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